We have a tremendous selection of trial contact lenses so you'll leave with a pair that day. We are specialist in contacts for hard to fit patients such as: astigmatism and bifocals. We also offer many colored contact lenses so changing your eye color can be as easy as changing your shoes. '

We also carry well known brands such as Prada, KateSpade, Candies, LIz Clairborn, and Nike. If your curious about other options please give us a call and we'll inform you if we have the brand in stock.             


Hundres of styles available including some of our most popular named brands.

  • See it all with Crizal--the advanced eyeglass lenses that change the way you see life. Crizal lenses are unlike any others because they can help you not only to see better, but feel better and look better while wearing your eyeglasses. You spend so much time choosing the right eyeglass frames-- shouldn't your lenses be just right for you, too?
  • Progressive lenses, sometimes called "no-line bifocals", are a type of eyeglass lens used to provide visual correction for a common condition called presbyopia. Varilux progressive lenses enable you to see near, far and everything in betweem.
  • Transitions lenses help optimize your sight in every light as they quickly lighten or darken depending on the amount of UV rays present.


In recent years, sunglasses have become as much a fashion statement as they are a neccessity. Wearing sunglasses helps protect your eyes from the damaging UV rays of the sun. At Iwasa Eye Center we carry a wide range of sunglasses for you to choose from. both prescription and non-prescription.

If you require a pair of prescription sunglasses, we offer several options, ranging from coated/tinted lenses, polarized to lenses that change color depending on the light, such as Transitions .

For those who wear contact lenses, or just want a pair of stylish sunglasses, we carry several major brands of sunglasses, including:

Brand Specific


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